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Data security is more important than ever as businesses are increasingly being attacked and sensitive data held for ransom. Hackers steal your data, corrupt it and then offer to restore it for a ‘fee.’ Once your data has been taken you only really have three options;

  1. Pay the ‘fee’ and run the risk of having your data breached again in the future.
  2. Lose your data and rebuild your files from the bits of information in your emails.
  3. Call your trusted Fix It Quick technician and we can restore your files from the last backup of your computer.

Don't forget, good scanning software and strategic planning can save you in most cases.

For most businesses the cost of having a dedicated IT support person on staff is just not feasible. With Fix It Quick you can have the same level of support at a fraction of the cost. We will work with you to tailor a price that suits your needs and we also offer you the flexibility to upgrade as your business grows.

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Many small businesses tend to overlook their systems until such time as there is a problem. This can be a very costly practice due to the time it takes to fix the problem and recover the data. Not to mention the time and money lost waiting for the problem to be fixed. Our Technicians can dial in via FIXMEIT, and in most instances, rectify the problem promptly and efficiently.